Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sunday MopUp 12/09/07

Pardon my tardiness. Just a note to let you know where I am.

Mom Turns 73

It's my Mother's birthday today! Man, she's having a tough time of it. She called me from the road, returning back to Michigan from Virginia, so I could wish her a "Happy Birthday". I told her how much I love her and how her children can see how much she loves us. She'll be enveloped in grief for a while yet, and I intend to give her the space she needs to grieve.

She also told me a story about my younger twin sisters, Leslie and Lisa. Seems these two amazing women took it upon themselves to dress and prepare their older sister for her viewing at the memorial service. They not only clothed the body, which is a daunting and disturbing task under any circumstance, but was addedly difficult because so many internal organs had been harvested for organ donation. The funeral home staff supervised her dressing, but the hands on her body were those of her siblings. Wow. They also fixed her hair, did her make-up (Leslie apparently plucked her eyebrows a bit, knowing Rebel would have wanted to look her best), and gave her a manicure with fresh "nails" (she always loved those fake nail-things).

Afer the service, Lisa (the deaf sister) carefully cut the long locks of Rebecca's hair from her head. This was the last of Rebel's donations: her hair will go to that company that makes wigs for children with cancer who undergo chemotherapy.

This strikes me as a brave and beautiful tribute for two sisters to prepare the body of a loved one for burial, to be so intimately involved. Seems like a ritual that has occurred for humans for ages and ages. I thought of the ancient Egyptians. I thought of my deaf sister and her need to visually say "good bye", and how this act allowed for that. I thought about how strong and loving the women in my family are.

I thought about how there was no fucking way I'd ever do such a thing. I'm so proud of them for this, I could just burst.

Rebecca was cared for, and loved, and handled by family throughout her final journey. It blew me away. I'll never look at my "little sisters" in the same way ever again. I am in awe.

The Last Step In An Unpleasant Process

I go to the urologist tomorrow to get the stint removed from my ureter. One last trip in through the out door. I shudder to think about it. I will survive. After tomorrow, it's all over.

One Good Thing About Being Sick that I dropped some serious weight. My pants be FALLIN' off my ass. Was re-introduced to my erection the other day, and - MAN!- it sure feels like I'm packin' extra poundage in THAT department! (that's right: I said "poundage"!)

I'm going back to work tomorrow to put in some time until my urologist appointment at 2PM. So, I'm headed to bed. Thanks for checkin' on me, folks. I love ya'll and will post again soon.


Anonymous said...

That is so beautifull...makes me cry to read about it.
When my babybrother died..I was to see him and hold him...and even pick out his tiny outfit...that way my parents made me a part of it, and because of that I'm not afraid of death.

Sends u all my streght today...

Love Ravn

Anonymous said...

Um, since it doesn't hurt to ask, someday can I be introduced to your erection???

Sue Doe-Nim said...

What they don't mention about Chevra Kadisha is that preparing the body for it's funeral is the holiest of all mitzvot (duties) because it's a gift given to another person that can never be repaid.

It's truly selfless and likely very fulfilling for those who give and a real tribute to anyone who is lucky enough to be cared for even after they pass.

Ice John's World said...

It is nice that your family are so close. Best luck to the procedure. And of course, it is great that you also get the benefits of losing weight and gaining your sexy back. :)