Thursday, December 13, 2007

A Whizz

Woke up to pee and thought I jump on to say howdy. Howdy! Did I mention the other day how weird it was to sit in the waiting room at the urologist's office with a HERD of wrinkly-faced and grimmacing old men? I have seen the future, and it has an enlarged prostate.


I'm heading back to bed. Stay warm, you snugglebunnies!


Anonymous said...

I know all about that...been in thoose waitingrooms for years already...not much fun going on there..
Anyhowe...u may never have to go there again...I'm
So wish me a happy x-mas.


Grant Miller said...

Thank you for sharing.

And Howdy!

Sue Doe-Nim said...
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Sue Doe-Nim said...

I'm guessing your penis will type the next post?


Ice John's World said...

Really an early morning post, huh? Not fun to visit hospital anyway. Drink more cranberry juice and it might help!

jimmycity said...

Ravn: Merry Christmas, buddy!

Grant: It's the least I could do. Seriously.


I workin onit

Ice-John: Dude, I am SATURATED!

g-man said...

"I had to wake up anyway, and I have had my penis in my had so often recently that I'd thought I'd bang it on the keyboard and see what happened" :)

I have seen the future... Classic.

You stay warm and toasty too Jimmy.

Dick Small said...

You're repeating yourself again, Sue.