Saturday, January 26, 2008

Crack A Smile!

Okay, I admit it. I think buttcrack is incredibly cute. On anyone, really. We all have one, and that beginning on the top of the cleft is just adorable. From babies to geriatrics, it's all good. I know. I'm insane.

And I do NOT mean that I find it "sexually stimulating". No way. I find it sweet, endearing, if you will. Funny even, I guess. I want to walk up to the person and whisper "Baby/Buddy, your ass is hangin' out!"

By the way, I HATE the low-rise jean thing. If you are over 21 years of age, or 120 pounds, they should be ILLEGAL! But that's more about the Tummy Pooch and the Love Handle Squeezings that I cannot abide. The Crack is ALWAYS cool with me.

One Last Note:

This Kirby guy is pretty cute. He's funny. He's smart. He might be my new blogcrush.


Sue Doe-Nim said...

So if I'm under 120 pounds I can wear lowrise jeans?

Does it help that I tell people my brothers are older than I am? (They're 2 and 3 years younger...)

jimmycity said...

Sue: I have no doubt you can wear them with flair and pizazz! Most of America, I'm afraid, can't.