Sunday, January 06, 2008

Sunday MopUp 1/6/07

What? You expect me to take the time to chat you up about what is going on in jimmycity? Shit, people! My back is up against the WALL with this friggin' dvd that I need to have done by Friday night of this next week. My dad's big birthday party is next SATURDAY in Florida, and I am fucking fighting this dvd-maker software every damned day! I spent THREE HOURS today, importing and sorting jpegs into the program only to hit a wrong button and WIPE EVERYTHING OUT when I was done.

I am a moron, and I am deep into panic mode right now.

Look, if I manage to pull my head out of my ass and make this work, I intend to publish the thing on YouTube, so that I can embed it into a blog post for you to see, okay? Meanwhile, just let me have my little meltdown and temper tantrum and let me be absent for a while, all right?

I'll check back after this week. I leave for Florida Saturday morning and will be back Tuesday the 15th. I promise to have something to say other than curse words sometime thereafter.

But, until then, HOLY FUCKING SHIT, I am in serious trouble here!


Anonymous said...

I allways buys my dad an ashtray...he's just as exited every year!!

allthough he dont smoke..never has.
But hey, he got norways cheapest ashtraycollection !!!


Dick Small said...

You sound all tense there, big guy. Slip into something more comfortable and I'll give you a massage.
You name it, I'll massage it.

jimmycity said...

Ravn: That's so...sweet?

Dick: Due to the fact that certain parts of my body are under the Witness Protection Program, I cannot divulge the names any of my body parts have been given in either the past, present, or future. So, how's about I just point?

Dick Small said...

Sure, pointing works..

Ice John's World said...

Good luck for the DVD for dad. You can do it. Either way, I believe that your dad will really appreciate your efforts. Have a nice trip to FL too. -- From Netherlands now, John.

Mel said...

you will be ok...just take a deep breath..and get back at it. I am sure your family will love it!

g-man said...

I feel your pain. I just completed the first draft of a wedding video for a friend. My buddy gave me his capture burner combo thing that doesn't work right. I have spent 12 hours on it already and another 12 after the viewing to clean it up. I had the program crash on me wiping out all my changes. They are anxious for their video and photographs (which I haven't done anything with either.

Deep breath, Get/give head (which ever will relax you more), and drive on. Good luck and I look forward to seeing your work. I'm sure your dad will love it no matter what.