Sunday, January 27, 2008

Sunday MopUp 01/27/08

Hi, kids! It's my Sunday routine of doing housework, preparing for another week of work, and catching up on all things jimmy in a blog post while I tank up on coffee. I call it "Sunday MopUp", my friends call it "that other way you masturbate".

Let's begin, shall we?

Food Glorious Food

I'd be lying if I didn't admit that I'm freaking about my impending liquid diet that begins on Tuesday night/Wednesday morning. Everything I put in my mouth right now feels like grieving over a friend that hasn't died yet, but is gonna flatline shortly. How pathetic! Why can't I focus on the fact that my relationship with food has been dysfunctional and toxic? Why not welcome this new strategy and be enthusiastic?

Well, because I am addicted to food, as all fat people are. And, unlike most addictions, I am still going to have to deal with food the rest of my life. I can't just cut it out entirely. It's not like I can just put the starch-pipe down and walk away.

I loves me some starch. (sigh)

I'm a big baby. And, beyond all of that, as I have stated before : I am a worrier. This is me worrying about what begins on Tuesday/Wednesday.

If you check this blog out with any kind of regularity, prepare yourself for a buttload of wailing and hand wringing and gnashing of teeth. What I am about to go through is the single most important thing I have ever attempted, and I am certain that I will be venting like a mofo here.

It aint gonna be pretty.


Why is it that some people think that fat people don't have sex? Maybe they think we SHOULDN'T have sex. Maybe it's that they can't imagine anyone WANTING to have sex with a fat person, and therefore have determined that such things never occur. Whatever.

I am a sexual being. I have sex, am good at sex, and you are missing out if ya haven't had sex with me.

Sucks to be you.


I can't help but mention this, since we are all being bombarded with it in the media. I am a fiercely independent voter. I have voted Republican, Democrat, and Independent in the past. I am watching what is going on carefully, and I am dismayed.

I'm pretty unexcited about everyone running.

But, what I am REALLY annoyed with is that there are SO many people who are ardent supporters of one candidate or another already. People, we need to examine what is being said carefully and question and hold each one up to the magnifying glass before we pledge any allegiance. I, for one, am not hearing much out of anyone that I can really say is fresh and exciting. Well, with the exception of Ron Paul. God bless him.

I am furious with folks who are looking at the candidates as "who can win" instead of "who represents your values".

The two-party system in this country is broken. It is corrupt. It sickens me. To think that the Democrats are any different than the Republicans is naive. We are being managed and manipulated. And it scares the shit out of me.

How About A Video?

While fooling around at another blog, I remembered this song from a few years back. I used to cover it myself for a while. In this political season, I thought it seemed relevant.


Mel said...

Wail all you want/need to, I cannot imagine going liquid!

Yeah I love me some carbs too.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, I cant seem to hold my thoung can I...but are u sure of this? I mean, this guy I know has had the same operation that u'r gonna have...sure, he lost som weight...but it didnt last. The only thing that realy happened is that he fucked upp his digestion...meaning he gets gassy and burpy and is eating constantly due to the small amount of food hes able to keep down...and now...hes just as fat as before the operation. Only he now has a fucked upp stomack that bothers him big time too...

I know...i'm not nice

Michele said...

Wow. Two things. 1) I haven't properly thanked you for linking to my blog. So thank you!

2) I'm going to be keeping tabs on your progress. I know someone who could benefit greatly healthwise from that kind of procedure, and he's quite the hedonist too. (I mean that in a nice way cause I'm talking about my daddy). If you can do it, maybe he can too.

Michele said...

Oh. And I noticed you're a musician. Don't think that escaped my attention.

Dick Small said...

You're a musician???? Somehow I missed that.

jimmycity said...

Mel: 6 ounces 5X a day...that's 30 ounces of freaking food. Add to that 64 oz. of H2O and my bladder is gonna 'splode, ya know?

Ravn: I've tried my best to explain to you, without going into graphic detail. Just love me anyway, okay?

Michele: How can I not adore someone who has found "Lonesome Music"? I look forward to participating in your blog as best I can.

And, calling me a "musician" is not very accurate. I'm a music fan who learned a few chords and beats on his cheap guitar while being stunned that his voice doesn't do the things it used to do as a kid.

Grant Miller said...

I don't like to think of me having sex.

Dick Small said...

"But, what I am REALLY annoyed with is that there are SO many people who are ardent supporters of one candidate or another already."
You're referring to me, aren't you. Well, that's okay. I can take it.

Dick Small said...

btw, I have a great recipe for butternut squash and carrot soup. I can email it to you if you want.
Either that or I can come over, make it, and serve it to you. In bed.
Wearing only an apron.
Let me know.

Ice John's World said...

Best luck to you on the diet and hope that it goes well so far.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'll love u....dont u deer think otherwise!!!