Friday, January 11, 2008

A Toast To My Father

My Father is a Big Man
Compared to other men
I stand in his shadow
And watch his Drive and his Dignity
Challenge a world of
Certain Uncertainty
He is Strength
He is Skill
He is everything I try to be
And most I never will
But he's very much a part of me
And grows inside me still
I hope to see the things he's seen
I hope he sees the Light he brings
I am the son of a very Big Man
A very great man, indeed!

This is a verse I wrote a few years back that I included on a birthday card I sent to him once. His wife has asked that I toast him with it at his party tomorrow night. It will be a huge honor.


Cooper Green said...

Holy mackerel, JimmyCity, if one of my kids told me he wrote that for me, and then read it to me at my birthday, I promise you I would turn into a great big blubbering blob of protoplasm. That is a tribute in the best sense of the word.

I dropped by here to thank you for visiting my blog, but I think I'm pretty glad I visited yours.

Sue said...

I wish we all had a Dad like that.

Lucky you.

g-man said...

Wow! That is totally cool, I agree with Cooper Green, I know I would, I bet your dad responds with tears of joy and pride. :) You Go boy!

Ice John's World said...

It is very nice! Best your dad will be happy to hear that toast. Happy b-day to your dad!

Dick Small said...

I'd give anything to have a dad like that. Unfortunately, I got what I got....

Mel said...

Thats really good, makes me miss my dad so much! He will be overwhelmed!