Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The End Of DAY ONE

Really, it was easy. I bought the pre-mixed shakes, so I don't have to mess with a blender or a shaker. I woke up at 8am and had the first one: a little box, the same size as your kid's juice box. Six ounces of stuff that really is just SlimFast. Tastes the same.

I went to work with two boxes in my coat. Had another at noon, and the second at 4pm. In between, I drank water. LOTS of freakin water. I downed over three liters in the eight hours I was at work.

I peed 6 times in those eight hours.

A coworker microwaved a bowl of those flavored oriental noodles at noon and, I'm not kidding you, I began salivating like Pavlov's dog. I jumped up and ran out of the facility for a few minutes.

The first day is easy. It's all new. In a week, I am going to be one grouchy mofo. I can see it coming.

I came home from work and had another box at 8pm. And I'm now finishing my last for the day.

Five juiceboxes full of sludge every day.

Oh, and I bought some sugar-free mints for when my breath turns rancid (and when I go into ketosis, it will). I popped three today, just in case.

We'll see how I feel tomorrow...


samuel said...

There's quite likely a dirty joke in the line "I went to work with two boxes in my jacket," but I so can't figure it out at the moment. Maybe give me a day or two . . .

Mel said...

You are doing so good!!! You go boy!!

Sue said...

Oh darlin' I'd still hug ya close.

Even with Atkins icky breath.