Friday, August 03, 2007

Checking In Before Checking Out

Friday, people! Thank God It's Fucking Friday! I am going to San Antonio to visit a friend tonight. I intend to return to town tomorrow evening, exhausted and bow-legged and drained. DRAINED, I tell ya! and my expectations... (eyeroll)

or is it a ridiculous sense of entitlement?

So, there will be no workout tonight or tomorrow.

Do I care? Well, sure, but screw it, I need to participate in sexual activity (in a safe way) with another adult who is interested in participating in sexual activity (in a safe way) with me. Over and over again. I need to be DRAINED!!! And, I need to feel the power and satisfaction of DRAINING SOMEONE ELSE!!!

(cue: maniacal laughter)

Fasting blood sugar this morning : 87

In between the sex sessions, I wouldn't mind seeing "The Simpson's Movie".

And kissing. I'm hopeful for a bunch of lip-locking this weekend. I like to snog. Kiss me right, and I'm yours. No hickies. I fucking mean it.

The Dollar Store a few doors down from the YMCA had a huge-ass fire yesterday. The fire trucks had the whole shopping strip blocked off as they battled the blaze. The Y was closed. I'm giving everyone until Sunday to get their shit together.

Did I mention that I got my hair cut REALLY close a week ago or so? Yeah. Me, the guy with the biggest freaking mullet in Texas in 1983 now has his hair clipped (#3 on the back and sides, #5 on top) and I am DIGGIN' it. I rub my head more than my ballbag now. Which is sayin' something!

Shut up, it feels good.

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Mel said...

My fasting was 161 this morning. I dream of 87! I am working on it slowly but surely.

Good luck with that sex thing, I am MARRIED and live in the same zip code as my significant other and you are still getting more than me.