Saturday, August 04, 2007

Serves Me Right For Bragging

It's Saturday, and I am still in Austin, haven't made it to San Antonio for the Big Sex Rodeo I was sure I was going to have.

Friday night I couldn't go because work kept me really late and then I couldn't find my damned eye glasses to drive in the dark. I need those puppies at night now. Yes, I have hairy palms, and I am going blind, for all the usual reasons, if you get my drift (and I'm sure you do).

Found the bitches at around 11pm. Planned on driving down the next morning...

Today, Saturday, things got even more complicated at work. We are moving our facility from one side of the company's building to another. I supervise a switching center, of sorts. LOTS of electronics and computers and video and audio cables and a router like the old-timey telphone operator tower. Remember Lilly Tomlin as "Ernestine"? Plugging cables into a board to connect calls? Well, our router is a similar device, where we can move video and audio signals around on the cable channels. We've been planning for a year to move and we actually started last week.

I thought they wouldn't need me this weekend. I'm not a technician, I'm an administrative, supervisory-type of pain in the ass. Turns out, all hell broke loose late Friday night and it was "all hands on deck". When you have a piece of electronics this massive that has been "on" for over a solid decade, and then you turn it off to MOVE it, well, when you turn it back on, shit can start to pop, fizzle, and fry.
So, I worked late Friday night, and then I came in this morning and I've been here ever since. We are "operational" again, for the most part. So, I'm heading out of town tomorrow.


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g-man said...

Hope you get your "one ringy dingy". We all need laid!