Thursday, August 02, 2007

Too Close For Comfort

Look, I love my iPod. I admit it. I've told stories here about how, when working out with it at the gym, with headphones strapped to my head, I get all excited and move around on the exercise bike. I've told you this stuff, right?

Well, now I've run across this fake is actually making fun of Microsoft's Zune mp3 player, Microsoft in general, and slow, old white guys. And I'll be DAMNED if I don't see my fat ass in it, as the dorky white guy who obviously can't dance yet who is desperately trying. When I think I'm rockin' out, I probably am just bobbing my head and walking around. It takes ENERGY to throw my arms in the air and hoot. Exhausting!

The guy in the video is Steve Balmer, the CEO of Microsoft. The image of him is taken from a Microsoft presentation (I think when Zune was announced), and his little over-the-top tirade was labeled as the "Monkeyboy Dance". Turning that footage into a commercial making fun of Zune is pretty damned funny. People who hate Microsoft are probably very familiar with this.

By the way, if you are one in the legion who hates Microsoft (like the guy on my crew who tells me everyDAY what he thinks of the company and its products), do you read "The Secret Diary Of Steve Jobs"? It's a blog that is so densely packed with inside jokes and business-geek humor, that much of it is over my head. But, whoever FakeSteve is, the man is surely a gifted writer and hardcore smartass.

[Please note the extra giggle of the video ending on the Blue Screen Of Death with the audio glitch. Dee-lish!]

Rumor has it that the guy who made this video actually worked for Microsoft, until someone found out about it and fired him.

None of that is the point. The point is : I am one of the "So-So". I see this, and I see me. Umm...without all the money.

And that sucks.


Ice John's World said...

The video clip is really funny! Thanks for sharing it.

TheChubbyAvenger said...

I found your commentary about your exercise and using the ipod to be amusing, Jim. I think you should get on that bike and peddle all the way to the MOON if you want to and listen to whatever it is you listen to and bob your head and have happy feet and whatever else you wanna do. How you look to others while experiencing this joy is irrelevent. You are none of their business. Peddle. Have fun. Enjoy the tunes and don't worry so much about what other people think of you. YOU ARE JIM. YOU RULE



jimmycity said...

Well, thanks, CA! Actually, sometimes a bit of moon IS involved when I really get into it. Accidentally, of course.

Mel said...

Hi Jimmy! You are one funny guy! I am here via Dick Small's blog.

Love the commercial. I love my mp3 player, I drown out annoying co workers with it.