Wednesday, August 01, 2007

For All My Critics Out There

Hi. Jim here.

It has been brought to my attention, quite frequently lately, by people who apparently feel the need to point things like this out, that I have slipped in my vow to keep this blog about my health and medical issues. I promised, I am being reminded, that I would not veer away from this format, and I would drop blogging about silly shit like current events and the wonders of being a big, hairy, fat fagman in a world of slender, effeminate twinks and braindead homophobes.

I have tried, I really have. But how many posts can I write where I tell you how it feels to have the stationary bikeseat wedged up my ass, and what I ate for dinner, and what my blood sugar reading was (100 this morning, btw), before my eyes roll back in my head and I slip into a coma? Surely that shit put you to sleep as well, huh?

Look, I have a personality that likes to clown and be a goofball. It is who I am. If I can't post the occasional retarded YouTube clip here, what's the point? And, sometimes, I just need to be REALLY gay here. It's like Tourette's or something.

So. In order to maintain an interest in keeping this blog alive, I am reverting back to writing about whatever the hell I feel like on any given day. My "Quest For Health" will still be covered here, because it's a major component of my life right now.

Sorry if that disappoints you. Deal with it, or go away. Please stop with the critical emails now, okay?




Anonymous said...

Don't change anything, Jim! I love you just the way you are! It's your blog, do it your own damn way, you sexy beast!
Although, I have to say, I hate those damn word-verifications, but hey, if that's your "thing"...

jimmycity said...

Okay, Dick, just cuz I love YOU, I have turned the word verification off. If a problem with spambots arises in the future, I may be turning it back on, though.

Anonymous said...


g-man said...

Since I just started reading here I am not nearly so tired of hearing how your blood sugar is doing. Gay it up Jim!

Ice John's World said...

Heck with those critics, jim! It's your blog and say/do whatevre you like with it. Peace.