Friday, August 10, 2007


I'm here at work, hours after my steroid injection, and I'm feeling fairly weird. Kinda nauseous, kinda headachey, kinda sore. I felt the needle a whole bunch more this time, so they upped the sedation on me.

I'll probably go home tonight and crawl into bed early.

It's the weekend. Are you gonna do anything fun? Tell me your plans. Then, tuck me in and kiss my forehead. I'll tell you that I love you as you turn out the light.


Dick Small said...

If I was there Jim, I'd tuck you in and kiss your forehead. I'd tell you everything was gonna be okay, and I'd stay there in case you needed me during the night. Then I'd make you a nice omelette in the morning.

Okay, so I'm lying about the omelette. I've never made an omelette in my LIFE. But I'd still kiss you, you sexy beast.

Mel said...

Hubby and I went up to the mountains on the Gold wing and scraped footpegs. It was fun but really too hot.

jimmycity said...
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jimmycity said...

Dick: Ixnay on the eggs. Cuppa coffee and you, tho? Deal, buddy.

Mel: Is "scraping footpegs" a sexual euphemism? Either way, sounds great!

Ice John's World said...

Got another party to go and some usual grocery shopping to do. Hope that you feel better now.