Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Excitable Boy, They All Said...

So, I'm back from working out. I can still feel that bike seat wedged up my ass. Sore, is all I'm saying.

Was all jazzed about the circuit training, only to find out that my trainer was nowhere to be seen. When I asked where he was, the little chickie at the front desk replied, "He's on vacation until tomorrow."

As soon as she said it, I remembered our conversation last week. I can now CLEARLY remember him saying:: "I'm here Tuesdays and Thursdays, EXCEPT next Tuesday." I shrugged and said "Cool, the Tuesday after, then!"

But I've been so obsessed and nervous about it, I plum forgot that the appointment was when it was. All I could think about was TUESDAY: The Day I Start Weight Training!

Good grief, I am a goober!

Can I wait another week? Dude. I wanna get going on this! My guess is that I will track him down Thursday night and plead that we start then. I'm sure that will be cool, as long as he doesn't have someone else booked that night.

Meanwhile, jimmycity pedals. And kinda bike-dances. Badly.

Shut up. I'm havin fun.

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