Wednesday, May 02, 2007

It's About Living With In-spir-a-shunnn!

Wound care doc thinks next week may possibly be my last visit with the leg thing. I will be sporting quite a divet in my shin for a long while. I don't care. That scar will be a badge of honor for me, I'm thinkin'.

Workout: Upped each of the three sessions by another minute tonight. I'm a pedaling bastard, I tells ya.

Food: No breakfast (was late fer work). Fried catfish, side salad, green beans, and a modest scoop of red beans and rice for lunch. Dinner was the second hamburger steak, salad, and fresh grilled asparagus - which was TO DIE FOR, it was so good. Washed it down with a Diet Coke. Drank water and coffee throughout the day.

wanted a freakin' cookie BAD this afternoon. Denied.

"iPod On Shuffle" Workout Surprise Today:

"What's the hurry
Little brotha?
Dontcha know that
God loves ya?
God loves ya
And She loves me, too!"

- "Great Life" Goat

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