Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Preparing To Move To The Next Level

Fasting blood sugar this morning : 85! Thank you very much.

While working out yesterday evening, I introduced myself to one of the Y's physical trainer/consultants. This is one of three guys who hangs out in the exercise room, working out themselves, who is available to help members develop an exercise plan, introduce members to the many exercise machines, and be a kind of mentor. I have avoided these guys for a while now, I just wanted to focus on pedaling the bike without dying.

Well, Friday marks the end of 4 full weeks of bike work, and I want to expand my workouts to include some (very, very basic and light) weights. I want to get in on "the circuit", a collection of weight machines that isolate and work specific muscle groups. Like my arms. Like my manboobs ("bitchtits"). Like my shoulders and, most of all, my back. I'm never more miserable than when I throw my back out.

So, I have a scheduled appointment with Seymore, my trainer (heh heh...not really, but I intend to refer to him as such) next week,Tuesday night at 8pm. I am all ready kind of nervous about the idea : I don't want to hurt myself or bite off more than I can chew. I expressed this fear to him last night, and he has assured me that we will go slow and that he thinks I am ready to take this on. Actually, he said that he has been watching me work out, and is impressed with how I include moving my upper body around while I pedal the bike, and how intent I seem at working hard. I told him it's easy to work hard when you are this outta shape.

I have what I hope will be my last drs. appointment at the Wound Care Clinic at 1pm today. Man, what a long haul this leg injury has been! And yet, I think the leg followed by my fake heart attack were neccessary to snap me out of denial about my state of health. In a way, I guess I'm grateful that all of this has happened.

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