Saturday, May 05, 2007

It's The Weekend!

Slept 11 hours last night. Good grief! But it sure felt good. Had a hearty breakfast at noon (!!!) of scrambled eggs, bacon, and a buttered english muffin. Intend to eat a sensible dinner, since yesterday was a bit of a trainwreck. Heading to the downtown YMCA in just a minute (as opposed to the one a block away from my house), because they have a steam room that I want to bask in for a while after some bike work. Nothing feels better to me than allowing every pore in my body to open up and sweat in all that hot, moist air. A good steam is a thing of beauty.

Friday was a disaster, foodwise. At noon I ate Mexican for lunch, and I ate WAY too much. Knocked back a beef fajita just to get started, then followed with a chicken chimichanga (that's like a deep fried burrito stuffed with meat and cheese) covered in queso (that's more cheese), with rice and beans. Did I mention all the chips and salsa before the food arrived? Oh, yeah.

Rigfht after work, I went to the gym and worked out, perhaps overdoing it a bit from the guilt over lunch. I've bumped up the time on all three of my sessions, and I think I will stop adding time for right now. My back is really sore today. Anyways, it was after 10pm when I got home, and I realized that I was hungry from not having dinner. I stopped at Micky D's and had a QPwC and a fish sandwich with a Diet Coke. Yikes. So very not right.

Still, it's the idea of (almost) DAILY exercise that is my intention right now. Last week I was at the gym 5 out of 7 days. That's a big improvement for me. Getting hardcore about my diet will come later.

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