Friday, May 11, 2007

Played Hookey

Took the opportunity, since things were kinda slow at work and the Director was on vacation, to burn a personal day today. Slept until 11am. Glorious! My fasting bloodsugar was 108 this morning. Drank a Glucerna (kinda like a "Boost" or "Ensure" for you regular folks, but helps us diabetics control our sugars) at noon and jumped into the truck to take on the day.

Got the truck washed and waxed, hit the tanning bed, and then headed for the gym. Pumped on that friggin' bicycle for two solid 15 minute sessions today. Oh, lord, I am proud! Did a bit of walking as well and then showered at the gym. Man, I know I'm a homo and all, but I truely love the smell of a men's locker room. Ran over to Rich's to say "howdy" and was back at home by 5pm.

Dinner was a big grilled chicken salad. Washed it down with a tall glass of cold club soda. Checked my bloodsugar just now and it was 123. That's three hours after dinner, kids! A beautiful number.

Today is the beginning of Week #3 of this lifestyle change for me. In two full weeks, I worked out 11 times and took 3 days off. Granted, the workouts aren't massive, but they are all I can handle and I am pleased with my progress.

The boys invited me out to the local leather bar for a drink later. I intend to go.

Have a safe, fun weekend. Talk to you later!

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