Thursday, May 10, 2007

Same Old Song And Dance, My Friend

Still doing my thing: biking at the YMCA after work, eating grilled stuff and salads for dinner. Definitely feeling a groove going on here.

I'm just finishing up Week #2 of the work out, and I have doubled the time spent on the bike already. That feels good.

Now, as I'm jamming on my iPod, I find that I'm not only lip-syncing the words to my favorite badass songs (silently), I am also incorporating arm and hand movements. Whether it's windmill circles as I play air guitar, beating on my thighs with my fists as I play tom-toms along with the drummer, or busting out some very gay upper-torso choreography while Beyonce croons, I'm sure the people around me are annoyed with my antics.

Fuck 'em. I'm having the time of my sweat-soaked life.

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