Tuesday, May 22, 2007

My family might disagree...

You Are Not Stupid

You got 10/10 questions right!
While acing this quiz doesn't prove you're a genius, you're at least pretty darn smart.

Okay, I don't think I needed validation, and I am suspect of these kinda tests, AND this has nothing to do with diet, exercise OR my health. Shame on me.

Been to the gym each of the last three days. I've been regularly enough that I am seeing familiar faces now. One, in particular, is a hot little latino daddy who grunts like a beast as he pumps iron. I find him very attractive in one way, and also ridiculous in another because of the way he preens and poses in front of the mirrors between his reps. He is also continually surveying the room, checking out if anyone is checking him out. He has caught me looking several times. Busted.

Fasting bloodsugar this morning: 97

My diet is the same as everyday. A grilled meat, with a veggie and a salad. I'm kinda curious about how all this is affecting my cholesterol levels. I won't know til later in the summer when I have my blood drawn at the doctor's for my regualr bloodwork.

My shorts are starting to fall off my ass as I pedal. I am considering beginning some circuit training in the next week or so. Nothing big or ambitious.

[thanks to Bigg for pointing me to the little quiz. Read this guy!]

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Bigg said...

I'd say congratulations, but I'd already deduced that you aren't stupid... still, it's nice to hear, isn't it?
I will say congrats on your progress in the gym, though -- that's more than I could stick to.