Thursday, May 03, 2007

Taking A Day Off From The Workout

I woke up this morning feeling a little stiff. Not bad, just a little sore. I've decided to give my myself a rest day today. There will be no stationary bike tonight. I'll be back on it Friday.

Lunch was a bento box at one of my favorite sushi restaurants. 3 pieces of sushi, 6 little california roll pieces, a salad with ginger dressing, a small portion of beef bulgogi, a few pieces of vegetable tempura, and a scoop of steamed rice. Love it.

Dinner will be a grilled ribeye, corn on the cob, and more of that awesome grilled asparagus.

What kind of fresh veggies do YOU like to grill?


Veronica said...

I started doing this thing last summer - corn on the cob wrapped up in tin foil, with a few pats of butter, the juice from half a lime, sea salt, and a pinch of crushed pepper. It grills up quite nicely ;)

Also, slice a pinneapple in half and grill that. It's good on everything.

jimmycity said...

Pineapple is SO yummy, I agree! I'll try the lime and red pepper on the corn.

By the way, I found your blog thanks to Bigg, and I really enjoy it! I'll be checking in frequently.

Thanks for looking in on me here!